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Hello everybody and welcome to my spot on the web.  Here is where I put my inner geek to work and present my Art, Photography and Design & Architecture work to the world


I am an associate project manager at an architecture office in Manhattan, but did an dual degree program with Philosophy at RPI.I have so many interests & hobbies that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do all I would like to do. A life-long athlete with Martial Arts training as the basis of all my competitive pursuits, and I have also played almost every team sport. But I also enjoy watching and attending sporting events, with a borderline addiction to the NBA: there is nothing like the sound of that leather ball hitting the hardwood of the court.
I love traveling and experiencing other countries and cultures. I indulge in my love of photography during my travels and can barely keep up with managing dozens of gigabytes of pics from just the last 5 years! But my love for photography actually started as a child, when I started photographing Bullfights in my hometown of Tijuana: and i still have hundreds of 35mm film negatives and prints from those days that I hope to someday convert to digital.... if i ever find the time.
I am lucky enough to have a large group of friends that enrich my file every day.
I currently live in Brooklyn and have been in NYC for almost 6 years, after spending the first 5 years after college in Detroit, MI, but I was born in California, grew up in Mexico and attended college in ‘upstate’ New York: like i said, I like to travel!
One of my friends has called me ‘opinionated’ a few times before, but I like to believe that I just have a handful of topics that I have strong opinions on and that I am generally opening minded. I guess the jury is still out on that.



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I have over 12 years of experience working in 3 architecture firms in California, Michigan & NYC.

I Begun painting 5 years ago, read my blog for more on ths this new journey!


My vacations

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This is where you will soon find a host of photo albums from all the places around the world where i have been lucky enough to travel to in the last few years!

Here is a list of the places I have visited and some photos from those trips:

- Prague, Czech Republic

- Vienna, Austria

- Budapest, Hungary

- Southern England, including: London, Bath, Warwick, Oxford, Canterbury, Dover, Stonehenge & Windsor

- Spain, including: Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada & Barcelona

- Italy, including: Roma, Florence, Pisa & San Giminiano

- Paris & Versailles, France

- Punta Cana, Republica Dominicana

- Various US cities!

- Those that are yet to come!

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A Rose is a Rose


Acrylic on Canvas board

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