Why this Blog Exists

This should have probably been my first Blog Post, instead of the one posted earlier this evening, but that’s just how my brain works sometimes, which is partially why I am doing this anyway: to put my (sometimes) rambling thoughts into a written order!

By now you must be wondering WHY I am even bothering with a website of my own (instead of a standard Blogger page or some other blogging platform), right?…
Well, that’s where things get a little complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I am overall satisfied with my career choice and would not want to spend my life being anything other than an Architect. But for the last few years I have wondered why I don’t have a best selling book when people like ‘Snookie’ and ‘The Situation’ do??… I mean, I am sure I have more intelligent things to say than they do, and so therefore I should also have more to contribute to the world of literature than some of the other people that are getting published. Plus, with a degree in Philosophy, I certainly spent some serious time in college polishing off my writing skills. But I have been struggling with coming up with ideas and book topics that I consider worthy of writing and, of course, of reading! — I wouldn’t want to write and publish something just for the sake of being published, I need to make sure that it is something worth reading.
Now, not many people know that I have been lucky enough to have had some poetry published in large anthologies quite a few years ago that most people have never heard off, but unfortunately I have basically been stuck in a “writer’s block stint” since college. That means I haven’t really taken pen to paper in about 15 years. For someone who used to fill notebooks and sketchbooks with more poetry than sketches since I was a child, that is a very long time.
So, while trying to digest several topics that I could write a book on, I thought that perhaps starting a blog would help me get the creative writing juices flowing and from that blog the base for a book (or a few books??) would be born!

But what would I blog about? I could pick one of those few topics that I have strong ‘opinions’ on (i.e. politics, social issues, etc), but I am not sure I want to start off in the blogging world with a controversial blog. I also don’t want to blog about the same things that some of my friends are already blogging about — how uncreative is that??

Then I thought about the “other” goal I had set out on last year that is still yet to be achieved: finding a gallery to show my art pieces in! I mean, I live in NYC: galleries abound, right? If I can’t get a show here, then where can I? As an “emerging” artist who only picked up a paint brush about 4.5 years ago, it may seem like a tall order to already want to have my own show, especially when there are ‘true’ artists that spend their whole lives without that privilege. But those that know me will tell you that once I set a goal for myself, I reach it, no matter how long it takes!

So, for now, the bulk of RocioAcosta.com & this blog will be about documenting my journey of becoming an artist: my explorations thru different mediums & subject matter, of getting my art into a gallery, and perhaps to a point where some of this art can be sold! After all, just like when (if) I get a book written and published I want it to be something people enjoy reading, my artwork also needs an audience — and homes to be displayed in and which brings smiles to peoples faces!

I hope you chose to ride along this journey with me!

As far as to why I have gone to the trouble to set up my own website, hosting and blogging sites?…simple answer: I’m a control freak! But really, I just want to make sure I own all of my content (writing, art, photos, etc.) at all times: I have to admit, I was not thrilled to find out that google owns blogger! That definitely made me pause even though I am not a ‘big brother’ conspiracy theorist. ;-)

Since this is an Art Blog, I suppose I should include another one of my pieces.This was my first figure/body/nude piece:

Awaiting #1

Awaiting #1 - 9x12 - Acrylic on Canvas Board - Winter 2007 - © Rocio A. Acosta

I will go into how I went from the flower still-life pieces to figures and nudes on an upcoming blog entry, but I can tell you one thing: it was not what I first thought of as a ‘natural’ progression, but it was definitely the right move for me and my work!

Enjoy… and good night!


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