Who Am I?

I am an Associate Architect/Project Manager by day, but after office hours I am a multitude of things: a Friend, World Traveler, Amateur Photographer, Foodie, Emerging Artist, life long Martial Artist & Athlete (on hiatus!), and auntie to all of my friend’s kids!!

When I am not at home painting, you can find me around the city checking out new places to eat great food, catching a movie, planning a trip, at a basketball game or hanging out with my friends.

But this blog will be mainly about my Journey as an Artist and how I have gone from finally picking up a paintbrush to wanting to get my own show in a (any) gallery in NYC!

But this documentation will also serve another role: get my writing juices flowing again so that I can, hopefully, develop a book that everyone will like to read! There may be some poetry sprinklered in as I try to go back to my writing roots — maybe I can get some more poetry published again!

You can find out more about me on my home site: www.rocioacosta.com, which will contain more diverse content about my travels, photography & architecture/design portfolio.

Welcome to my Journey!


PS — the Blog’s header photo is one I took during my first trip overseas in 2007: Prague!…  I’ve been told the pic looks like a ‘stock photo’, so I wanted to clarify that its actually one of my photos! Enjoy!

Your feedback helps in the Journey: leave some!!