After a long pause…. reset!

I think I should apologize to my (handful of) readers for the long delay between blog posts!!… but life has been busy, and my blogging, writing and painting has to be put on hold: between work, trying to buy a co-op in NYC, the NBA playoffs, my ‘baby’ brother moving to Brooklyn to live with me and everything else that makes up my life these days, my blogging journey hit a bit of a snag!!…

BUT, I am back online and I feel the writing & artistic creativity dying to come out, so I should have a few posts coming in the next few days, hope you all enjoy them!

Now, I had mentioned before, the intent of my blog is to document my artistic journey from “merely” an architect into a full-blown artist, so I will not bog you down with minutia on my daily life on these lines, so no worries! Instead, the next few posts will be focused on catching you all up on how I got from first picking up a paintbrush and dabbling with acrylic paints to finding my “calling” of the male nude and oils!… and will give you a sneak peak into my first “commissioned” piece, which I hope to complete in the next month!

So, about the Art Journey… I already went thru how (and why) I first picked up a brush and how I found my first subjects: flowers, for my grandma…. well, to be honest, I was only able to get thru THREE flower still-life pieces before I realized that instead of relaxing, painting was stressing me out more!… it took a while to figure out why, when it should have been clear from the start: I’m a bit of an obsessive compulsive perfectionist and painting flowers simply required much more detail than I was prepared to commit to canvas!!

So there I was, again with a problem: I was still dying to continue painting, but flower still-lives were now out of the question, so what to paint? I needed a new subject, and FAST! That’s when I turned to my overfilled bookcase, thumbing thru art books, pausing to gather more inspiration from some of my favorite artists and still a bit lost…. when my index finger paused as it hit the spine of a book I hadn’t opened since college: Robert Mapplethorpe’s ‘Black Book’! amazing photography of amazingly gorgeous men: THAT would certainly be fun to paint, I though to myself as I wondered if I could be good enough with a brush in my hand to do those beautiful bodies justice…. so, I spent the next couple of days “playing” with paint on canvas boards and discovered that, apparently, the male nude IS in fact my thing: and why wouldn’t it be?? I have always loved beautiful men — some might say they are a bit of weakness of mine — so, painting them actually came easy to me: the muscle tone, broad shoulders, abs, chiseled chests… In 2008, I found my initial artistic ‘niche’: the male nude! A girl could do worse, right?

These are the first pieces that came out of that first weekend with Mapplethorpe’s book as my inspiration:

“Outstretched” – 8×10 – 1/1/08 – Acrylic on Canvas Board – © Rocio A. Acosta

“Decadent Solitude” 8×10 – 1/1/08 – Acrylic on Canvas Board – © Rocio A. Acosta

Not bad for my first nude pieces, right? … The male body is a beautiful thing indeed!

But, what do YOU think? part of what I am looking for on this blog, is some feedback on my work! Critique away…

Now, stay tuned, more to come soon: I plan on taking advantage of the long weekend to catch up on the writing!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!… have fun, and be safe!!